Looking for cheapest mediterranean cruises?

Due to the current economic climate many families are struggling to find a suitable holiday to go on this year but a Mediterranean cruise could be the perfect break for you and yours. Many cruises are cheap and are packed with things to do whilst on the ship, not to mention the many wonderful cities that you will have a chance to visit so why not have a look at these cruise offers that won't break the bank.

Cruisedirect.co.uk have our first offer called 'Escape to the Med' and it lasts for seven nights. It will cost £569 per person including flights and while on the cruise you will visit Majorca, Sicily, Sardinia, Toulon, Barcelona and then back to Majorca.

The second, slightly more expensive, offer from cruisedirect.co.uk is the 'Med Titans' cruise which also lasts for seven nights. The cruise takes in Palma, Majorca, Corsica, Civitavecchia, La Spezia, Villefranche, Palamos, Spain, and then back to Majorca. This cruise will cost you £579 per person including flights.

Cruise.co.uk also offer deals for cheap Mediterranean cruises and the 'Grandeur of the Seas' cruise visits, Palma de Mallorca, Cannes/Monte Carlo, Pisa/Florence, Rome, Sicily and then back to Palma de Mallorca. This cruise is a week long and will cost £399 per person.

The second deal from cruise.co.uk is the 'Voyager of the Seas' which lasts for seven nights and costs £449 per person. You will visit Venice, Koper, Ravenna, Bari, Dubrovnik and then back to Venice.

Best of luck to you in find cheapest mediterranean cruises.

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