Cheapest hotel in Dubai

Dubai can be a very expensive place to travel and stay when you visit. Money appears to be flowing wherever you look in this city but there are a few ways to keep a little of that money in your pocket for your other travel expenses. Rather than staying at high-end hotels in Dubai, let's look at some cheaper hotels to rest your head for a night or two.

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The Holiday Inn Express Hotel is known to be an extreme budget option. The cozy small rooms start at only £23 per night and the hotel do not provide any porter service or pool. The main advantage of staying here, besides the price, is the location. It is conveniently close to the airport and the hotel supplies a free shuttle from the exit of the arrivals hall that runs every half an hour. It is only a 10 minute walk from the hotel to the Emirates Metro stop and is a good base if you are looking for sun and shopping focusing holiday.

Majestic Hotel Tower near Port Rashid and Dry Docks is a little more expensive at £40 a night but it also has a bit more to offer. Ideal for short business trips, this hotel has 252 rooms across 8 floors in the Bur Dubai area which is only 8km from the airport. You can start the day right by burning a few calories in the sauna and steam room or by doing a few laps in the swimming pool. The Dubai Mall and Burjuman Mall are just a short drive away as well if you are feeling bored or want to have a stroll around and you won;t be short of eating options with 7 restaurants on site.

The chic looking Ibis World trade Centre Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road is another ideal location for budget business travellers. Located right in the middle of the city, you will have easy access to everything you need whether that be a cafe, bar or shopping mall. The World Trade Centre Subway Metro stop is a short walk away which the helpful staff can direct you there at any time. The rooms have a minimalist feel and are a tad bit on the smaller size, but what can you expect if you are only paying £42 per night.

The XVA Art Hotel is a unique budget hotel and is situated in the centre of the oldest community in Dubai, the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood. While it may not be ideal for families or people who like to be in the bustling centre, it is great for artists or creative people who want a change of pace during their stay. The hotel doubles as one of the top contemporary art galleries as well so try and schedule your stay during an exhibition opening or one of the festivals throughout the year. Each of the 7 rooms in this hotel are uniquely designed and have original artwork displayed. The service, location and uniqueness make this hotel well worth the £43 per room fee you will be asked to pay.

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