Just what is the cheapest holiday website for flights?

If you've picked your holiday destination and you're starting to look for flights, then finding the cheapest price for flying can be a bit of a trawl. There are just so many sites to check! Thankfully, there's one site that does all the hard work, it really is the cheapest holiday website for flights.

All you have to do is point your browser towards www.skyscanner.co.uk and check out their comprehensive flight search engine, which you can use to find flights to anywhere on earth. Sky Scanner works by checking every other site offering flights, including airlines own official sites, in an effort to get you a cheap quote.

Sky Scanner even trawls different flight combinations, so if you're looking for flights from Dublin to Sydney, it will check hundreds of different combinations of flights and airports before presenting you with all of the cheapest options. It's also something of an all-round travel specialist, as it offers to compare prices on hotels and car rentals for you too, saving you the effort of trawling for them yourself.

Unfortunately, low cost carriers like Ryanair and Easy Jet don't allow their flights to be compared on these sights as they want you to visit them directly. However, all you have to do is compare the quote you receive on Sky Scanner to these airlines to get a complete picture of the market out there.

Hopefully this blog has helped you get the cheapest possible deal on your flights, enjoy your trip!

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