Check out the cheapest flights to the Philippines from London

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With over 7,000 tropical islands, the Philippines is one of the great treasures of Southeast Asia. Warm tropical waters offer the attractions of sunbathing and swimming, while inland the dramatic landscapes and thriving cities will fascinate the visitor. No matter where you go prices are very affordable by Western standards. If you book one of the cheapest flights to the Philippines from London you could have yourself an amazing bargain holiday.

Most people enter the Philippines at Manila's Ninoy Aquino International Airport. The cheapest flights to Manila from London are usually with Qatar Airways. Other carriers flying between London and the Philippines include KLM, Gulf Airways, Etihad and Thai Airways. Malaysia Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines also offer flights into Cebu for slightly higher prices.

You can find and compare cheap flights on sites such as cheapflights.co.uk and skyscanner.net. Searching these sites combines all airlines, including low cost and all current promotions. They are easy to use, produce fast results and can even show you the cheapest days in the month to fly. You can book your airline tickets directly by clicking through to agency and airline sites.

Some recommended travel agencies include Trailfinders, Travel bag, Carlton Leisure and Flightbookers. These companies specialise in finding the right flight at the best price for customers. I was able to find a cheap return flight from London to Manila with an agency for £560, while a similar flight with Quatar Airways cost £600.

Another good place to look for the cheapest flights to the Philippines from London is in the travel sections of weekend newspapers. Fares fluctuate, so book your flight deal now and you won't be disappointed.




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