How to find the cheapest flights to Brisbane from London

Want to find the cheapest flights to Brisbane from London? Return flights to Brisbane from the UK can start at just £539 if you know where to look. Use these tips and tricks to help you get the very cheapest flights available...

  • Book as far in advance as possible. Most airlines release seats for sale 12 months before the departure date. In general, the cheapest that these tickets will get is straight after their release date. As tickets sell, the price gradually increases. This is why last minute flights are often so expensive. In fact, last minute flights from London to Brisbane can be up to 90 per cent more expensive than advance booking flights.
  • However, some airlines do have ticket sales, where you could score up to 10% off ticket prices to Australia. Check past sales to see if there is a pattern (for example, do Qantas usually hold their sales in March?).
  • Try to be flexible with your arrangements. You can also fly from Birmingham to Brisbane, and there are frequently great deals on this route. The money you save could more than make up for the extra train journey. Likewise, consider flying into Sydney and getting the overnight bus to Brisbane. The key is to compare route options and choose the cheapest deal that doesn't pose too much of an inconvenience to you or your travel party.
  • The very cheapest flights are available in low season. For Brisbane, this is the southern hemisphere winter / northern hemisphere summer.

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