Finding the cheapest flights to Belfast city from Glasgow

Belfast and Glasgow share a rich history together going back hundreds of years. Each city has a heritage of ship-building and strong Protestant values. Similar Edwardian and Victorian architecture dominates the sky lines of the two cities, the two cities separated by only just over one hundred miles and the Irish sea.

With such massive ties between these two cities its no wonder that hundreds of people travel between the two every day. We take a look at how to get the cheapest flights to Belfast city from Glasgow.

Both Easyjet and Flybe offer direct flights from Glasgow City to Belfast city airport at several times during the day.

Easyjet flies daily at 08:15, 14:50, 17:55 and 20:55.

Flybe offers three departure times per day at 11:40, 14:15 and 20:05.

As with all flights the cost depends on several factors, how busy the flight is, special offers the airline may be running and even the dates of travel. To enable travelers to get the best prices we always advise them to look at Skyscanner.

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