This year's cheapest flights to Tenerife from Gatwick

Travellers from Gatwick are lucky to have four scheduled routes to Tenerife, operated by budget and charter airlines such as Easyjet, Monarch, Thomson and Thomas Cook. Here's your current options for securing the cheapest flights to Tenerife from Gatwick.

One of London Gatwick's most reliable options is to fly with Easyjet to Tenerife-South airport. One-way flights with Easyjet from Gatwick start from around £36, while return trips can be had for around £70 per person, for those travelling in the off-peak month of November. In demand summer flights can be expected to cost more than twice as much. These flights depart every day of the week, and twice daily on busier weekend periods, so are a good option for those travelling at short notice, or with inflexible schedules.

Monarch also offer flights to Tenerife-South airport, operating on all days except Thursdays. Monarch also operate 3 flights every Friday to cope with demand. Return flights with this airline start from around £200 for the summer holidays.

Thomas Cook meanwhile, can offer their own competitive rates when travelling from Gatwick to Tenerife South, ensuring that you get the cheapest flights possible. This airline offers deals starting from £124 per person for a return flight in November, while summer flights are a bit more expensive, coming in at around £215 per person when travelling in August.

Finally, Thomson offer deals between the two airports from around £174 per person for a return flight.

So whichever airline you choose to fly with, make sure you get the cheapest flights for the Tenerife Gatwick route.

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