Where To Find The Cheapest Flights From London To Manila

Summer is a great time for travel. If you are traveling long destinations, then a safe and effective way to travel is by plane. Manila is a great travel destination for Londoner’s interested in all that the Philippines has to offer. Traveling can be very expensive. Flights can range in price depending on time of day, season, gas prices and travel destination. Learn more about where to find the cheapest flights from London to Manila.

KLM: Royal Dutch Airlines

Royal Dutch Airlines offers the cheapest flights from London to Manila. Travelers can take flights from London's Heathrow Airport and arrive at the Ninoy Aquino International airport in Manila. Traveling during the summer, prices range from £492 to £738. This pricing reflects a one week, round trip ticket. Travelling from London to Manila may include multiple destinations. The travel itinerary includes layovers in Amsterdam and Singapore. Royal Dutch Airlines offers a best price guarantee. Customers can claim a refund if they find a lower price online.

Emirates Airlines

Emirates is another airline that offers international flights. The cheapest flights from London to Manila on Emirates range from £500 to £641 for a one week, round trip flight. These are flights on economy class. The special pricing for these cheap flights are only valid on return trip fares. Travellers interested in these deals must have a minimum stay of three days. If you decide to travel during the weekend, there is a surcharge fee of £35 per adult. Travelers also need to be careful when cancelling their flights. Emirates charges £200 per person for canceling a flight before departure. However, reservations can be changed upon request for £75.


Qatar airlines are known for their state-of-the-art airplanes and luxury appeal. Qatar offers the A330 and A340-600 airbus. They have comfortable seating and a quality entertainment system to include a variety of television channels and audio communications. Flights from London to Manila range from £823 to £1198 with Qatar. These prices reflect economy fares. Economy, first class and business class all feature a quality dining experience. Depending on the travel destination, Qatar offers a variety of world cuisines. Passengers can choose from seafood plates, Japanese dishes and exotic fruit plates.




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