Looking for the cheapest flight to Algeria?

Algeria is still relatively off-the-beaten track and provides a real cultural insight into Northern Africa.  Located in an area of the world that always seems to be in the midst of political turmoil, Algeria is a fascinating destination for those looking to experience something just that little bit different.  We will help you find the cheapest flight to Algeria to help you on your way.

Algeria has vastly differing scenery from north to south. The north boasts beautiful Mediterranean coastline with the weather to match while the south is home to the Sahara desert.  In the desert here temperatures vary wildly from 5°C at night to around 45°C in the middle of the day so if you are planning to visit the desert then it is better to go in winter when temperatures are more reasonable.

The capital, Algiers, is a very important port in the Mediterranean and the city itself is a meeting of colonial style and islamic style architecture.  With mosques and basilicas to visit you have a rich, cultural city to explore at your own pace.

Flights can be dificult to find for a reasonable price but websites like kayak.com and edreams.com can throw up some real steals from time to time.  Flights from London to Algiers in April are available on kayak.com for £250 return.  Flights from London to Algiers are also available on edreams.com between December and April for around £240 return too.  Both these options represent the cheapest flight to Algeria.

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