Find the cheapest ferry to spain by car

Cheapest ferry to Spain by car

If you are planning on travelling around Spain for your next holiday, it can make sense to take your own car, on one of the ferry routes making the overnight trip to the north coast. It needn’t be prohibitively expensive. A little searching online can help you find the cheapest ferry to Spain by car.

Brittany Ferries offer services from Plymouth to Santander and Portsmouth to Santander and Bilbao. Unfortunately the competing P & O route from Portsmouth to Bilbao was discontinued last year, meaning there is less incentive for Brittany Ferries to keep their prices competitive. All the same there are still savings to be made.  There are a few simple rules to follow to ensure you find the best deals.

With a family of 4 travelling in an average family car in high season costing more than £1000 for the crossing, any savings that can be made will be important.

Look at avoiding the most popular high-summer dates. At these times prices are at their highest. If you simply have to travel in July and August, make sure you book online several months in advance, to have the best chance of making savings.

Be prepared to be flexible on times and days of departure. If you are willing to travel midweek at an awkward time, late at night or first thing in the morning, you have a better chance of snapping up a bargain fare.

Going through travel agents might seem easier, but you can often get cheaper fares by booking direct with the operator. Websites will usually give you the opportunity to search for the least expensive fares, and plan your travel accordingly.

Travel in as compact a vehicle as is comfortable. That mighty 4 x 4 might seem like a great idea for long road trips into the Spanish mountains, but you’ll be paying higher rates for its space on the car deck.

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