A Guide to finding the cheapest ferry to France from Ireland

The thing that you keep in when you're trying to find the cheapest ferry to France from Ireland is that you've only got a limited amount of choices in terms of ferry routes. The only ferry routes linking Ireland and France are Cork to Roscoff, Rosslare to Roscoff and Rosslare to Cherbourg. That's it! On top of that, only Irish ferries operates the Roscoff and only Brittany Ferries operates the Cork to Roscoff route. If you're absolutely set on a date and port of travel, then it's more than likely that the cheapest ferry to France from Ireland is going to be the one that the company that operates the route gives you, as they've got the monopoly!

If you're willing to be flexible though, you might be able to achieve significant savings. Check out this list of the Irish ferry routes and the companies that operate them to see what I'm taking about:

  1. Cork to Roscoff
    • Brittany Ferries
  2. Rosslare to Roscoff
    • Irish Ferries
  3. Rosslare to Cherbourg
    • Irish Ferries
    • Celtic Link

By driving down to Cork or up to Rosslare will allow you to take advantage of the savings being offered from other companies. The same is true of changing your arrival port from Roscoff to Cherbourg. By checking the price of all the ferry companies across all the route, it makes it much more likely that you'll find the cheapest ferry to France from Ireland.

Another important thing when booking the cheapest ferry to France from Ireland is to alway check the ferry companies websites rather than ringing their ticket-lines. Not only is checking prices on their websites quicker and easier, many ferry companies also have special offers available for customers that book over the Internet. Brittany Ferries, Irish Ferries and Celtic Link websites can be found at www.brittanyferries.ie/, www.irishferries.com/ and www.celticlinkferries.com/ respectively.

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