We check out your options for finding the cheapest ferry to France

Looking to take the kids and the car to France for a relaxing holiday in wine country? Getting there is simple thanks to the plentiful daily sailings from Dover to Calais, in fact, your only tough choice is going to be which of the excellent ferry companies you pick to get you there! For that decision, we are here to help, as we present our guide to getting you the cheapest ferry to France possible.

There are few routes in the world sailed more frequently than the Dover to Calais route. In fact, there are around 50 sailings per day between the two ports, giving anyone who fancies sailing to France a world of choice. So many crossings means plenty of scope for bargains for you too! The best place to start your bargain hunt should be with P & O, who you can check out on the internet at www.poferries.com/.

P & O are the biggest operator on this route, taking in a whopping 25 sailings per day between England and France. Sailings on their luxury ferries take just 90 minutes, and travellers can make full use of cabin facilities on their boats if you feel like taking a nap while you cruise. Prices for a family of four and a car start at £60 each way, so this is well worth a look.

Another option for you on the Dover to Calais route is with the Norfolk Line, and you can check out their site at www.norfolkline.com/ferry. Norfolk Line don't offer as many sailings as P & O, but they do offer some outrageous prices, with early bird specials starting at £19 each way for a car and four passengers. It's going to be hard to beat that price!


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