Looking for the cheapest ferry to the Isle of Wight? Here are your options!

A popular destination since Victorian times, the Isle of Wight is well known around the UK for it's natural beauty and idyllic scenery, and more recently for it's top-notch music festivals. But separated as it is from the mainland by the stretch of water know as the Solent, the Isle of Wight requires would-be visitors to clamber aboard one of the numerous ferries serving in order to pay a visit.

If you're looking for the cheapest ferry to the Isle of Wight it's important to know all your options.Your first stop in your search for the cheapest ferry to the Isle of Wight should be Wightlink Ferry company (http://www.wightlink.co.uk/) which boasts on it's website that it carries over five million passengers a year across the Solent. Operating a round the clock service, Wrightlink ferries carry vehicles from Portsmouth to Fishbourne and from Lymington to Yarmouth. They also offer a passengers-only catamaran from Portsmouth to Ryde. Prices vary depending on availability, so if you're looking to get the cheapest ferry to the Isle of Wight be sure to book early! If you do, your fare could be dramatically reduced. For example  the Portsmouth – Fishbourne ferry normally costs £55 per car, but if you book far enough in advance, you can end up spending just £18. The same is true of the Lymington Yarmouth route.

However, if you're looking for something a bit different, you should check out the Hover Travel website (http://www.hovertravel.co.uk). This company runs a hovercraft from Portsmouth to Ryde every half an hour. The trip only takes ten minutes, and only costs £10.50 per trip. One catch though: Foot passengers only! But if you're without a vehicle, this option easily outstrips even the cheapest ferry to the Isle of Wight for value.

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