Where to Book Cheapest Ferries to France

To get to France, you need to get to the port of Dover where ferry companies like DFDS Seaways, PO Ferries and Sea France are operating. A faster option is to take the Folkstone to Calais route through the Eurotunnel. If you prefer the longer yet relaxing trip to Western part of France, Brittany Ferries specialize in taking such a route. Visit comprehensive websites like Ferrycheap.com to see available trips from different ferry operators and to book the cheapest ferries to France.

DFDS single route from Dover to Dunkerque costs £13.50 if you travel by bicycle and £32.50 if you travel by car. P&O Ferries price for a single way travel from Dover to Calais is £33.50 for either travel with car or bicycle. Travelling from Dover to Calais with SeaFrance will cost £14.50 with bicycle, and £35.00 with car.

Brittany Ferries sail through the Western Channel and departs from three main ports going to France: Portsmouth, Poole, and Plymouth to Caen, St. Malo, and Cherbourg. Among all the routes, Portsmouth to Caen and Cherbourg are the most low-priced. The round-trip cost will average at £92 depending on the amenities and accommodation you’ve chosen.

Take note that ferry ticket prices will vary depending on the time of day, the month, and the length of your stay. If budget and not value is your top priority, be on the look out for good offers and discounts. Of all the routes I mentioned, Dover to Calais seem to be the cheapest and SeaFrance and P&O Ferries are the leading cheapest ferries to France.

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