Find the Cheapest Deal to the Cala Club Romani Hotel in Majorca

Calas de Mallorca, Spain, is an exquisite paradise where the sands are white, the waters are blue and the fun never ends. Calas de Mallorca is located about 2 hours east of Palma and overlooks scenery that is simply breathtaking. If you are looking to take the family on holiday, or simply to get away for a romantic weekend, you will want to seek out the cheapest deal to the Cala Club Romani Hotel in Majorca.

The Cala Club Romani Hotel is located on an amazing stretch of land and offers a number of luxurious amenities to its guests. This is the ultimate vacation in Spain—perfect for couples, families or anyone looking to get away for a holiday.

Cala Club Romani Hotel Amenities

  • Dance floor on the premises
  • Satellite television
  • Outdoor pools with plenty of room to lounge
  • Children’s swimming pool surrounded by lush greenery
  • Two tennis courts
  • Buffet on site
  • Short walk from the gorgeous beach

There are many great deals to be had at this beautiful resort. Check out ASDA-travel.co.uk where you can find a five-night stay in September 2011 starting at £287.01. That is an average of only £57.40 per night with an all inclusive meal plan.

You can find one of the cheapest deal to stay at Cala Club Romani Hotel in Majorca on the Cala Club’s official site, ClubCalaRomani.com, where the all inclusive rate for a 14 night stay with two occupants during October 2011 starts at only £784.00.

For information on the best prices for flights to Majorica, be sure to take a look at Secure Cheap Majorca Flights with Ryanair. Stay at the Cala Club Romani for your next beach holiday—it will be an adventure to remember.

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