The Cheapest Cruises to consider for 2011

Compared to booking from a travel agency, booking through vacation websites proved to be much cheaper because their prices aren’t padded with service fees. Examples of such sites include cheapcruises.com and cruisedirect.co.uk. You can even get better offers when you book early, travel during low peak seasons, choosing the cheapest stateroom and less luxurious cruise ships. Cruise companies also offer last minute booking discounts.

Before choosing a cruise line, you need to choose your cruise destination. If you’re coming from a US port, the Bahamas and Caribbean cruises are usually the least expensive. A 3-night cruise can range from $169 to $184 in an interior stateroom. Cheapest cruise destinations from the UK include Amsterdam (£277pp), Dubai (£349pp), and Marco Polo (£441pp). These are only some of the cheapest cruises for 2011.

Among the top US-based cruise companies, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean International, and Carnival Cruises offer good packages at affordable prices. Their counterparts in the UK are PO Cruises and Thompson Cruises.

Norwegian Cruise Line is owned by Star Cruises, the Worlds’ third largest cruise company. The first largest is Carnival and next to it is Royal Caribbean. All three have their headquarters located in Miami, Florida. P&O Cruises is operated by Carnival UK and is based in Southampton, England while Thompson Cruises is based in Luton, England.

Before buying any discounted ticket, read the terms and conditions. Your privileges might be limited than the regular ones. Also be careful of any hidden charges. If you have doubts, call their customer service. Read user reviews and user ratings on different cruise packages.

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