Searching for the Cheapest Crossing to France

Crossings to France are not limited to ferries from Dover to Calais. In fact, there are ferry services operating out of a number of ports along the south coast of England. There are also options to make the journey by train. By knowing where to start your search, and following some simple tips, it’s not hard to find the cheapest crossing to France.

The Cheapest Ferry Crossings

Ferries from Dover are usually cheaper and faster, with 24-hour departures. From just £13 each way for a night journey, the cheapest crossing to France is the Dover to Dunkirk route, operated by DFDS seaways, at norfolkline.com/ferry. At the western end of the country, return crossings from Plymouth to Roscoff in France start at £93 per person during the summer. The trip takes six to eight hours, and is operated by Brittany Ferries, at brittany-ferries.co.uk. Brittany also operates ferries from Portsmouth to three ports in France. The cheapest of these is to Caen, priced from £89 per person during the summer season.

Finding a Cheap Crossing to France

If you are not set on departing from a specific port, you could use a price comparison website to find the cheapest crossing to France. Eurodrive, at eurodrive.co.uk/ferrysearch.asp, will give you the cheapest route for your travel dates. It searches for ferry crossings from Dover and other UK ports, as well as giving you prices for the Eurotunnel. When searching for the cheapest crossing, don’t forget to factor in travel time and costs from your home to the departure port, and from the arrival port in France to your final destination.

Eurostar to France

If you are planning to travel to France as a foot passenger or cyclist, it may be more economical to make your crossing underground, on the Eurostar, at eurostar.com. If you are travelling from the Greater London area this would also be more convenient, saving you the hassle and expense of first travelling to a ferry port. Round-trip prices start at £65 for London to Calais, or you could spend just £4 more and go all the way to Paris. Although a bit more expensive than the cheapest ferry crossings, it is a much faster trip: just over one hour to Calais, and two hours, fifteen minutes to Paris.

Tips for Finding a Cheap Ferry to France

  • Travel at night. Prices are often cheaper from midnight to 6am. On-board services will be limited at night, so bring your own food and drinks, and something to keep the kids entertained.
  • Book early. Ticket prices tend to go up as your departure date approaches.
  • Leave the SUV at home. Smaller vehicles have a lower tariff than large ones.
  • Don’t go in two cars when one will do. Many operators allow up to nine people per vehicle.

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