Cheapest commuting towns to London

Unfortunately living in central London is not an affordable option for everyone. With the average price to rent a one bedroom in the city centre at £1,574 per month and the average property price at £514,000, for some, living in a commuting town may be the only reasonable option. Here is a short list of the cheapest commuting towns to London according to recent research done by Property Advisors CBRE.

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Basildon, Essex was recently listed as the most affordable commuting town to London. The average house price costs £176,886 which is very reasonable compared to the city centre. The 35 minute train journey to London Fenchurch will cost you £3,748 for a season ticket. The train ride might often be a bit cramped and the city town itself is not anything to write home about, but if price is the concern, than this is the place to be.

Luton, Bedfordshire was ranked #2 on the list. Housing prices are similar to Basildon, but the season tickets are a bit steeper from Luton at £4,816. It might be worth the extra few pounds though as the area is a bit livelier than Basildon with 5 sports and recreation centres, a cinema and the University of Bedfordshire in close proximity.

Harlow, Hertfordshire was ranked #3 with 34 minute commute to London and it has much cheaper season tickets costing £2,769 which will bring you straight to Liverpool Street. Harlow has 4 large residential areas with a few decent shopping centres, a leisure centre, plenty of parks, a playhouse theatre and a nightclub, but that’s about it.

Braintree, Essex wraps up the list at #4. It is a one hour commute to Liverpool Street from here and this will set you pack around £5,000 for a season ticket. This town is constantly expanding though and is very well connected by road if you have a vehicle. There is a quaint market square, a few shopping villages and an old centre to explore in your spare time.

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