Cheapest Cities to fly to from London

Every once in awhile it is nice to take a break from the normal routine of life and fly somewhere new. Thankfully you do not have to have a large budget to do that. There are many cheap flights available from London that cost as much as a lunch out.

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If you have yet to travel to Dublin, Ireland and have always wanted to go, tickets with RyanAir start at £19.99 one way. Escape for the weekend and take a tour around the popular Guinness Storehouse, walk around the largest church in Ireland, St. Patrick’s Cathedral or stroll on the cobbled streets of Temple Bar.

Basil, Switzerland is a beautiful location right on the Swiss, French and German border. This is the 3rd most populous city in Switzerland and only costs £7.41 to get to one way. Take a romantic walk along the Rhine River and make sure to enjoy the 16th century Rathaus located in the Marktplatz.

In north eastern France lies the Strasbourg’s Notre-Dame Gothic Cathedral which is only a £4.89 journey away. The UNESCO historic city centre in Strasbourg, the Grand Island, is a must visit along with the Petite France Quarter. It will be £5 you will not regret spending.

Known for its beautiful beaches, Deauville in Normandy is another £4.89 journey that is money well spent. All you film lovers should time your visit with either the American or Asian Annual Film Festival or those of you looking to do a little gambling should visit their renowned racetrack and casino.

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