The cheapest car parking at East Midlands airport

When it comes to finding the cheapest car parking at the East Midlands airport the internet is your best friend. Rather then having to car and use some touch tone commands down the phone it is much easier to just do the work yourself online. It is so simple, just hit up the East Midlands airport website (https://www.eastmidlandsairport.com) and let's get started.

As with anything online that's travel related it starts with the dates. When are you leaving and how long will you be staying at the airport. Once you have filled this out you will be transported to a webpage with a list of offers. Here is where you can pick the best configuration to suit your wallet.

Short Stay: This will cost you £140 for a week on the lot and is the most expensive option on offer. You will be parked right next to the terminal building and has a 1-2 minute transfer time. It is the quickest and best way to park at East Midlands.

Long Stay: At nearly half the price this time at £62.99 for the week, the long stay option offers you a great service. You will be a short walk from the terminal with an estimated transfer time of 3-5mins. Unless you are in a serious rush, this is a great middle of the road option.

Shuttle Economy: This is the furthest from the airport but offers a shuttle service to get you to the terminal. At only £51.99 this is a great option for casual travellers. The shuttle only takes about 8 minutes to get you to the terminal and it is 2/3 less than the short stay option! For anyone going on holiday, this is easily the stand out choice.

There you have it the cheapest car parking at the East Midlands airport made easy!

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