Secure the Cheapest Car Parking at Birmingham Airport

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Birmingham Airport boasts three fantastic car parks for customers to choose from and guests that book their stay in advance can secure their airport parking at absolutely fantastic prices. With prices starting at just £29.99 for eight days there is sure to be a deal available that’s right for you! Find out more about securing the cheapest car parking at Birmingham Airport:

Birminghama Airport has three separate car parks. Car Park 1 is a long stay car park that is located just a five minute transfer from the terminal. This car park boasts regular transfers and superb security facilities making it a great place to park for a long term stay for guests that are flying from Birmingham airport. Guests that wish to use this use this car park are advised to book in advance to secure the best possible rates!

Car Parks 2 and 3 are short and medium stay car parks and are also available and allow customers the chance to pay at the gate however it is recommended that you pre-book. These car parks are ideally located within walking distance of the terminal building. Prices will also vary depending on the length of stay however if you book in advance you can save a considerable amount. For example guests can stay in this car park for under £30 for up to eight days.

So if you are planning a long term or short term stay at Birmingham airport then we recommend that you book in advance to get the cheapest car parking at Birmingham airport!

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