Getting the Cheapest Car Leases for 2011

The cheapest car leases for 2011

The top Japanese car manufacturers like Toyota, Honda and Nissan have slowed in their car production. This means limited number of cars will be sold resulting to price increase. Out of the three, Nissan seems to offer the best deals and discounts. There’s no need to worry because some dealers still have last year’s models up for lease. Plus car manufacturers from other countries are still standing.

You can still actually find monthly payment requirements that are less than $200. The top 4 cheapest car leases for 2011 based on carmodels are: Suzuki SX4 (as low as $149 a month), Chevrolet Cruze, HyundaiElantra, and Hyundai Accent (each as low as $169 a month). All have the standard mileage restriction and downpayment if required.

Car dealers want to keep their customers happy by giving out incentives, and the year 2011 is no exception. Companies like GM, Chevrolet, Ford, Chrysler and Dodge give up to $5000 cash rebates on some models and zero percent financing. Toyota and Nissan offers zero to 4.9 percent financing, while Honda and Hyundai offers 0.9 to 4.9 percent. Mercedes Benz has a minimum of 1.9 percent financing for up to 36 months. These rebates and financing can still vary depending on your dealer and area.

Don’t be complacent though and do your research. Visit websites like leaseguide.com to compare prices and to use tools that evaluate car lease offers and monthly payments. Nevertheless, it is predicted that dealers will be more lenient with credit restrictions this year,leaving you with ease in finding a new car.


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