How to get the cheapest Bangkok flights

In order to get the cheapest Bangkok flights from the UK, you'll have to plan ahead. With the increase in Asian budget airlines (like Air Asia and Tiger Airways) flying the route, there is more competition than ever - driving prices down and offering some real bargains to anyone who knows where to find them.

However, there has also been a surge in demand by British holiday makers, who are increasingly abandoning the traditional ways of booking their vacations through a travel agent and hunting down the bargains themselves. You'll therefore need to follow these tips if you want the cheapest flights...

Book well in advance

In the vast majority of cases, flight prices are at their cheapest immediately after their release for sale to the general public. Depending on the airline, this can be anywhere between 12 and 18 months ahead of the departure date. Prices then increase gradually as tickets sell out, normally reaching their most expensive on the day of departure. To get the cheapest Bangkok flights, you should therefore aim to book as soon as possible.

Shop around

Never underestimate the savings you could make by shopping around and comparing different airlines, routes and departure dates. You'll quickly realise than some airlines charge twice as much than others on this route. Aim to be as flexible as possible - flights on a Tuesday or Thursday (which are less popular dates to fly) can be significantly cheaper than flights on others days. Flights that depart from one UK airport may also be much cheaper than flights that depart from a different UK airport.

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