Find the Cheapest Allinclusive Hotels in Playa des Ingle

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Gran Canaria is one of the most diverse of the Canary Islands. You can explore the volcanic mountain range, touch a cactus, learn to windsurf or just chill by the pool. Playa del Ingles is one of the more vibrant towns on the island with a buzzing night life popular with young people and families. This article gives you a run down on the cheapest allinclusive hotels in Playa des Ingle.

Prices for top quality hotels in Playa des Ingles have seriously dropped. The hotel listed here all received rave reviews by former guests and all prices include full board dining with snacks throughout the day. It's never been cheaper to stay in Playa des Ingles.

Our first hotel is Los Salmones Apartments. For a one bedroom apartment in this gorgeous three star resort you will only pay £225 per person for 7 nights full board accommodation. That works out at £32 per day for breakfast, lunch, dinner, all snacks and your accommodation. It couldn't be any cheaper. Aside from the fantastically low price this resort offers a large swimming pool, a Hawaiian style pool bar, tennis courts, mini-golf and it's only 500 metres to the beach and a large shopping centre.

Another cheap deal for an all inclusive hotel is the Broncemar Aparthotel in Playa del Ingles. This hotel comes with a heated pool, jacuzzi, kids pool, an on site chemist, restaurants, shops and is only 150 metres to the nearby sandy beach. All for only £229 per person this is such a deal.

Cheapest of all is the Veri Playa Hotel. This comes all inclusive with a one bed apartment that has a poolside view. It is only £182 per person for 7 nights full board accommodation. Again it's a three star resort.

There really hasn't been a better time to take advantage of the amazing bargains to be found in Gran Canaria's Playa des Ingles. Have your pick of the cheapest allinclusive hotels in Playa des Ingle.

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