Find the cheapest airport parking in Edinburgh

Those of you who use Edinburgh Airport at all regularly will no doubt be aware that there is a huge variety of parking options available to you, read on for cheapest airport parking at Edinburgh. In order to find yourself the best deal, we recommend you take a look at the excellent www.airport-parking-shop.co.uk which has airport car park listings for all the major British airports, as well as offering the ability to search for prices and book your parking spot without needing to move from your seat.

Airport Parking Shop have a total of nine car parks listed for Edinburgh airport, and the prices for each do tend to vary quite a bit, so it's in your best interests to check online for which one suits you best and get your booking done and dusted in plenty of time.

In our bid to figure out which of the airport car parks works out to be the cheapest, we ran a number of quote requests based on both single day stays and one week stays for each of the nine car parks featured on Airport Parking Shop.

If you want to stay a single day, or part thereof (make sure you don't exceed the 24 hour time period or you'll have to pay for an additional day's parking) the cheapest option for you is Edinburgh Scotpark. Located approximately one mile from the airport at 49 Eastfield Road, a stay for 24 hours or less will cost you a mere £6.99, compared to the next cheapest option, the Edinburgh Long Stay car park, which will set you back £9.

When it came to the one week duration, the Park & Fly car park came out on top every time, costing just £36.99 for a full week. Located at 1c Newbridge Road, approximately a mile and a half from the airport, it beat the Flying Scot car park (£39.99) into second place.

So there you have it, the cheapest airport parking at Edinburgh Airport is to be found at Scotpark for short term stays, and Flying Scot for longer durations.

These figures may change at any time, so please be sure to check www.airport-parking-shop.co.uk before you are set to fly out and make your booking in advance.

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