Cheapest Airbnb Cities to stay in

Started in 2008, the San Francisco company Airbnb now has over 1.5 million listings in 190 countries. The listed accommodation ranges from an entire luxury home to a quaint single bedroom. If you have a tight budget and are looking for the cheapest places to stay with Airbnb, here is a short list with shockingly low prices.

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While this may not initially be the first place that comes to mind when thinking about travelling, Tirana, Albania has very cheap accommodation. You can find a private room in the city centre on Myslym Shyri street for as low as £11 per night including breakfast. Enjoy a nice day out exploring the many castles and museums this capital city has to offer.

Full of backpackers and gap year students, Airbnb hosts in Bangkok,Thailand have some of the lowest rates out there. For £8.74 you can stay in a small private apartment in the central Sathon District with a double bed, air-con, wifi, and a location that does not lack in entertainment.

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If you want to stay in a more remote area, head to Sofia, Bulgaria and book into a quiet neighborhood in Pavlova for only £10.20 per night. This place offers a bright and modern apartment with a kingsize bed for you to enjoy. With a bus connection nearby you will have the option of staying in the mountains or heading to the city.

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In Antalya, Turkey there are Airbnb rooms that start at £10 per night close to the city centre and old town. Once you drop your luggage off in your room, head out and visit the ruins of Termessos or visit the bustling Kaleici Bazaar nearby. Airbnb have rooms to suit any travellers budget

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