Cheap Weekends Away in England: Discover Your Own Backyard

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When thinking about a holiday away, we often forget about the beautiful country we live in, which is why sometimes it’s better to stay in your own backyard and discover one of many exciting cheap weekends away in England.

For example, only a short drive away from central London is the wonderful coastal city of Brighton. Enjoy world-class restaurants and theatres, or during the summer months drink your moments away at the many bars and cafes that dot the beachside. A return train ticket and a couple of nights in a 4 star hotel, for the weekend, will set you back around £200.

For something a little different, take a vacation or short break in a cottage in stunning Cornwall and the Lake District–think historic English castles and cathedrals—or relive your youth hiking in the dramatic Welsh valleys. Enjoy a short break at Warners delightful historic spa hotel from £149 per night.

If you’re looking for something on the luxury side, then pamper yourself to a 5 star London Hotel and take in a spot of theatre and the buzzing nightlife that London is so famous for. Five star hotels start at £169 per night.

Travel by Coach, Bus, Rail, Ferry or Plane. A coach or bus will set you back between £15 and £60 depending where you want to go. Rail is a little pricier, depending on where you're heading, and starts at around £50. Ferries will cost you from £40, and a plane ride, although the most expensive at £70, will get you to where your going quickly. If you surf online regularly you can often find cheap deals.

Some of the best sites to find killer deals include: Lastminute.com, Superbreak.com, Betterdeals.com and Enjoyengland.com. The best time to travel in the UK, like most spots around the globe, is in spring and summer.

Whatever you decide, you’ll find something to cater to your tastes in your own backyard. Discover the magical landscape you call home, and rediscover a part of your culture, history and geography that you didn’t know existed.

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