Where to Get Cheap Weekend Breaks in Kent

Also known as the Garden of England, Kent is a fabulous place full of cultural and historical attractions, amazing architecture and unique landscapes. Booking some cheap weekend breaks in Kent is the ideal way to enjoy the wonders of this place.

Kent is famous for many things, but its vineyards are the ones that travellers maybe enjoy most. A genuine adventure into the miraculous world of grapes can be experienced in places such as the Chapel Down Winery, Biddenden Vineyard or Sandhurt. Sightseeing is a great activity for a weekend break and you could visit in Kent the famous Canterbury Cathedral, the Hever Castle, home of Anne Boleyn or the Chartwell, home of Winston Churchill. Kent’s coastline is full of sandy beaches and many holiday parks and resorts can offer you plenty of water related activities.

Great hotels for you cheap weekend breaks in Kent can be found at iknow-kent.co.uk. The Langhorne Garden Hotel from Folkestone offer B&B accommodation from just £29 per person. This hotel is near Leas Promenade and just minutes away from the main shopping and entertainment venues of Folkestone. This is a good base to explore the beauty of Kent on a weekend break. Nearby, the lovely Leeds Castle can be visited as well as the Battle of Britain Museum and dozens of picturesque villages.

Good alternatives for your escape can be browsed and booked from kent-accommodation.co.uk. If you love the countryside, you could stay in a farm house. The Curtis Farm from Maidstone will charge you just £30 per person per night. You can enjoy a few days of total relaxation in this comfortable Victorian farmhouse or visit the nearby Sissinghurst Castle Gardens and the historical village of Headcorn.

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