Find cheap villas that sleep 12

With more and more holidays makers looking for cheap villas that sleep 12 or more, more big villas are appearing on the holiday market, often to be let directly from home owners. Where there is demand, someone wil always take the reigns and make sure there is also supply.

Sometimes, large villas can be found at bargain prices as they are often the last ones to be booked up. Cheap villas that sleep 12 are often the last to be booked up and end up being slashed in price at the last minute. Joining up with another family, either relatives, neighbours of friends can be a great way to get an affordable holiday for everyone in a private villa.

Ownersdirect.com has a fantastic search facility for searching for villas, apartment, cottages and more. There are listings for holidays accommodation in locations across the UK, Europe and further afield. As a guide price, a mini Chateau in Dordogne, France that sleeps up to sixteen people can be booked for £2800 per seven night break throughout July and August. Split between a group of friends, couples or families, the price for twelve people sharing is just over £200 per week each, a lot cheaper than most hotels in the same region would charge.

Holidayletting.com is another great site for finding cheap private accommodation like villas and apartments in a European destination for summer holidays. A finca with private pool and acres of land in rural Spain is avaiable for as little as £1000 with prices in September starting from £1400.


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