Fantastic cheap villas abroad!

There are fantastic cheap villas abroad to rent. The best place to find these cheap villas on offer to rent for a holiday is at rent-a-villa-abroad.com.

The company have a great feature on their site, in which you can refine your search for villas abroad to rent. This search feature includes the county, price and the sate of departure.

They have a one bed roomed villa on offer in Alicante, Spain for £450 per week. The rate is based on leaving the 8th of May and returning two weeks later. The property boasts its own private pool and sunbathing terraces. The villa is in a countryside location, however the town of Novelda is a 5 minute drive away, providing for all your needs on holiday. There are many miles of Sandy beach along the Costa Blanca, which are only a five minute drive away from the villa.

Alternatively you may opt to go to Turkey, where there is a fantastic villa on offer in Uzumlu, Turkey for £300 per week. The villa has its own private pool. These rates are based on departing the 8th of May and returning two weeks later. The villa is set beside an olive grove, proving the setting for an idyllic holiday.

These holidays suit people looking for a quiet holiday, a romantic break or simply those that value their privacy on holiday. So if you are looking for a cheap villa abroad, visit rent-a-villa abroad.com today and soon you will be having the holiday of a lifetime in cheap villas abroad.

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