What Is the Best Way to Get a Hold of Cheap Villa Rentals in Var?

When looking for cheap villa rentals in Var, France, the first thing to do is to look for online listings that allow you to directly transact with villa owners themselves. With no middleman or agent to worry about, you are guaranteed to pay less since the villa owner does not have to mark up the rental fee for commission.

Transact Directly with Villa Owners

An example of such online listings can be seen at varvillagevoice.com, under its villa rentals section. There, villa owners provide short but detailed descriptions of their villas as well as the location and their email addresses for those interested. In some ads, the price per night and other incentives offered are also mentioned.

In the aforementioned website, for instance, a woman posts about an old but ‘beautifully restored’ manor house in Fayence, with surrounding meadow and forests. It also comes with its own tennis course and pool. The maisonette has two floors, four bedrooms, three bedrooms, and its own terrace and garden. Weekly rates are at €847.

Sign Up for Membership

There are websites like homeaway.co.uk, a sister company of holiday-rentals.co.uk, which offer a lot more features like photos of the property for lease, together with reviews and ratings made by other members.

One such listing at this website that promotes cheap villa rentals in Var features the exquisite Villa L’Ensoleillade, which is found in La Londe Les Maures, a luxurious residential village that is right between St. Tropez and Hyeres. The villa is considered a 3-star private home that offers two bedrooms and an expansive bathroom, wonderfully panoramic views of the sea, which is just 10 minutes away, as well as its own garden, terrace and heated pool. The weekly rate is at €400 to €1,745.

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