Looking for cheap Vancouver flights?

Unlike the United States, flying in Canada can be a pricey experience! For such a vast country, there's a complete lack of a "low-fares" airline, with the nearest thing (WestJet) offering prices nowhere near what most Europeans are used to.

If you're currently pricing cheap Vancouver flights, then we may have some tricks that will interest you! There are still a number of ways to snag cheap flights to this beautiful destination. You just need to know where to look!

Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is extremely well-served from the United Kingdom. You have a generous choice of airlines to fly with - Air Canada, British Airways, Thomas Cook, Air Transat - all fly direct to Vancouver International from various airports around the UK.

Of these airlines, we've found Air Transat and Thomas Cook to be by FAR the cheapest. Air Transat fly direct to Vancouver from both Manchester and London Gatwick. The flights from Gatwick tend to be cheaper, as they are more frequent.

If you point your browser towards the Canadian Affair website, you'll find Thomas Cook's flights. If you book on the right date, you'll get flights for as cheap as £250 each way.

If you're willing to go indirect there's a world of choice out there for you. KLM fly direct from Amsterdam daily. Lufthansa fly direct from Frankfurt, and Air France fly from Paris.

There's also the option of connecting through the United States, or something people don't consider - Flying into Seattle, and getting a coach across the border. The two cities are a mere two hours apart.

It's worth bearing in mind that booking in July and August seems to carry a massive premium over other months, so if you're in a position to book for June, or hold off until September, you'll save yourself even more money!

Hopefully these tips will help you save money on your Vancouver flights!

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