Finding Cheap UK Caravan Holidays

Cheap UK caravan holidays make for one of the most affordable types of short breaks available. Even if money isn't so much of an issue, it is a welcome change for many to get away from the airports and the stress of flying as well.

While the very lowest prices are in the winter months, few people want to spend a holiday in the English winter. For many, the best time to go when prices are starting to get much lower is the end of the summer. There are many last-minute deals for late summer holidays with prices dropping enormously by the beginning of September.

Park-resorts.com is one place to start looking for cheap UK caravan holidays, with prices starting from £369 for week-long holidays for the school holidays and the end of the summer. There are last-minute short breaks of three nights for as little as £100.

Haven.com, home to one of the best known holiday park companies in the UK, also have some deals on with prices starting at £449 for a week-long holiday in late August. Again, prices drop considerably in September and even more so later on in the year.

Many of these deals are exclusive to the Internet, so booking them online is a must if you want to save as much money as possible. If you want to view a directory of almost every caravan park in the UK, ukparks.com is the place to look, although it may take some time to find the exact holiday you want.

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