How to find cheap train tickets to Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle is a major city with railway links to virtually all the cities in the UK, so it is very accessible. For example, trains depart to Newcastle from London’s King Cross every half hour, taking an average of 3 hours to reach Newcastle. You can also find trains departing from Edinburgh every half hour and taking one and a half hours to reach Newcastle. Trains depart even more often from Manchester and there also regular services from cities such as Birmingham and leads.

If you are looking for cheap train tickets to Newcastle upon Tyne, consider buying ‘advance tickets’ which offer a substantial reduction on the regular prices. The more in advance you book, usually the less the price will be.  There are also websites that offer special discounts. To help you in your search, here are a couple of examples:


This great website offers cheap train tickets to Newcastle upon Tyne online with discounts up to 43%. A ticket from London to Newcastle will cost you just over £30 depending on when you book it while a ticket from Edinburgh will set you back just £10. Bear in mind however that you will have to be flexible in timing as the cheapest fares are available early morning or in the evening.


East Coast Railway is another option if you can’t find a convenient slot at thetrainline.com. With regular trains on the London-Newcastle route, you have more flexibility in choosing a train albeit at a somewhat higher price. A one way ticket to Newcastle from London will cost you from £30, so if you book in advance you can enjoy considerable savings over normal prices.

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