Are you looking for cheap train fares to York?

Cheap train fares to York

More and more people are spending their holidays in York. Whether it is an adventure with the kids or a romantic weekend for two there is something for everyone. In this multicultural city that is surrounded by walls steeped in history, York is the ultimate getaway for many. With so much to explore your best option is to leave the car and home and get a train to this fascinating city. Read on to find cheap train fares to York.

If you are travelling from Liverpool to York, take a look at redspottedhanky.com for some amazing deals. Departing on Friday 7th October for example, just before 12pm the journey takes around two and a half hours. For one adult travelling with an open return ticket, this fare comes in at just over £43. Departing from Liverpool's Lime Street station this train makes one stop at Manchester Piccadilly; this may also mean a change of trains.

For those who are looking to explore the country a little more, a departure from Cardiff might be an idea. Although the journey takes over four and a half hours it can be well worth it. Departing at 11am on the 7th October, the train arrives in York just before 3.30pm. Again it also includes a stopover, this time in Bristol Parkway for ten minutes with a change of train. This trip costs just over £100 per person with the choice of seating preference at the time of booking for no extra cost. Take a look at thetrainline.com for a time and date that suits you.

Lastly is for those who are looking for cheap train fares to York from London. Departing from King Cross station on 7th October at 11.23am the train takes just under two hours to arrive into York. This fare costs £75 per adult and again can have seat preference at the time of booking. Not only this but you can specify if you would like a power socket at your seat or be seated at a table, or even can ask to be seated near a toilet. Find out more at grandcentralrail.com.

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