Cheap tickets to India, fly from Birmingham to Amritsar

Looking for cheap tickets to India well fly from Birmingham to Amritsar from just £650 and arrive hassle free.  However, if you want to fly as low budget as possible then just being a little flexible and booking well in advance can make all the difference.

As India's climate varies from season to season the flight prices inevitably plummet as the heat rockets towards highs you just didn't want to imagine were possible.  The best time to purchase a flight to India is somewhere between March and May. You will want to avoid May at all costs though as this is when the heat is at its most intolerable.  However, March and early April can be very pleasant so this is the ideal window to book that bargain fare.

Amritsar is located in the north of India, in the state of Punjab, and is just a stones throw away from the Pakistani border.  Home to the famous Golden Temple which serves as the spiritual centre for more than 19 million Sikhs within India and many more around the world.  Visitors arrive in their droves each day to pay their respects and pray with visitor numbers reaching the hundreds of thousands each and every week.

The city itself offers you the chance to soak in the sounds and smells of India.  There is plenty of local fare on offer to sate any appetite worked up from people watching at the Golden Temple.  Another sight not to be missed is the Jallianwala Bagh memorial which marks the massacre of 379 innocent people attending a relgious festival in 1919.  Bullet holes are circled on the walls to give a chilling reminder of the history of this beautiful garden in downtown Amritsar.

One experience not to be missed is the border ceremony that takes place only a short 30 minute drive west.  Border guards from both India and Pakistan lock their gates in comical fashion as dusk falls in this remote part of the world.  Taxis leave from the city centre mid- afternoon each day so make sure to price around and get the best deal you can as there is always that tourist tax to be shaved off before uncovering the real price.

If £650 from Birmingham to Amritsar still seems a little on the expensive side then if you are willing to be flexible and fly to Delhi first then it has a dramatic impact on the price.  Fares start from as low as £335 from Birmingham to Delhi can be found on www.edreams.co.uk.  Then with Amritsar just 6 hours by train from Delhi you can put your hard earned money to better use as you spread the wealth by tipping your hotel staff and taxi drivers.

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