Where to Find Cheap Tickets From Manila to London

London has ever since been a favorite tourist spot for people from all over. Only recently, many have flown to London to witness the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. The couple’s route from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey, went through some not-to-be-missed tourist sights such as Clarence House, Whitehall overlooking  Big Ben and Parliament square. Other tourist attractions include the London Bridge, British Museum, Princess Diana’s Memorial and Hampstead Heath.

Airlines like Cathay Pacific, KLM, Thai Airways, Malaysia Airlines, and Qatar Airways are those that offer lower rates than other airlines for cheap tickets Manila to London. Check Wego.com to compare prices and select the best offer among various airlines. This is one way to get the cheapest ticket you can find from Manila to London. Asiatravel.com also shows flights and fare rates of Asian Airlines, which gives the best value compared to foreign airlines.

There are other approaches to getting an affordable airfare. One would be to book flights during off-peak seasons. Avoid travelling during the summer months of June, July and August. Choose an economy seat if seat class is not that important to you. You can also try to log-in to online communities or forum sites. This way you can directly ask users that have already traveled from Manila to London and ask for their personal experiences and airline preference.

By availing of cheap tickets from Manila to London, you will have more money to spare for visiting the variety of attractions, eating the best food they can offer, and sleeping in a hotel that will make your whole travel experience a worthwhile and memorable one.

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