Countless cheap sun holidays from Knock this summer

There are dozens of cheap sun holidays departing from Knock this summer. This small airport in the west of Ireland serves some of Europe's hottest locations, with Portugal's fabulous Algarve, the mysterious charms of Croatia and the party atmosphere of Salou, just a few of the places tourists arrive in after a short flight from Knock Airport.

Budget airline Ryanair regularly flys from Knock to these incredible holiday spots, along with many more, and is always a good place to search for cheap flights. And it's really simple to get a package holiday deal from travel websites such as falconholidays.ie and sunshine.co.uk.

If you're looking for cheap sun holidays from Knock, then maybe this Falcon Holidays' offer of a package deal to Salou might catch your eye. Flights and hotel in the absorbing Spanish resort are available for €355 for a 7 night stay.

The beauty of a break in Salou is that you don't just get the stunning beaches and vibrant bars of the resort, you're also within striking distance of the wonder that is Barcelona. Packed with tourist attractions, such as the unfinished Sagrada La Familia, it's easy to remember how much you love cheap sun holidays from Knock here.

Booking holidays from Knock is a fantastic idea and the airport's location in the west of Ireland makes a huge difference when you're departing and returning from a holiday. Without the ubiquitous traffic jams found in any major city, you'll find the short drive along the N17 a strangely refreshing experience!

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