How to find cheap sun holidays from Dublin in 2011

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This year thousands of Irish citizens will escape to the sun for a well-deserved break. There are loads of cheap sun holidays from Dublin in 2011 that are still selling at amazingly low prices.

Possibly the best way to get the cheapest holidays available is to book a last minute holiday. Although this doesn't suit everybody, you can save up to 80% off the price of a holiday. Last minute holidays become available due to cancellations or the holiday simply has not been sold.

Another way to ensure your holiday costs are kept to a minimum is to purchase self-catering accommodation. This means that you are responsible for your own dining and it saves you from being over charged by your hotel.

You should also check out travel comparison websites for the cheapest available holidays. One such website we came across is teletextholidays.co.uk. Although this is a UK site, they have loads of cheap sun holidays from Dublin available in 2011.

Cheap sun holidays can be yours from just €120 per person to a wide range of destinations including Lanzarote, Tenerife and Ayia Napa. If you need more notice before you travel, you can book a holiday to Tenerife with 3 months' notice for just €160 per person. This holiday includes transfers and accommodation in a reputable 3-star hotel in the centre of all the local amenities.

To find cheap sun holidays from Dublin in 2011 that suit you, simply log onto teletextholidays.co.uk now! And best of luck!


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