Great Destinations for Cheap Sun Holidays

Summer in the UK has always been horribly unpredictable. Much of the rest of the year is infamously cloudy and rainy. It's no wonder that many people want to get out of the country for cheap sun holidays abroad. Fortunately, there are many places to go and it does not have to be an expensive holiday either. In fact, it is quite likely that you will spend less than on a weekend away within the UK.

Last minute deals can often be found at your local travel agent. The cheap airlines often have bargains and you can be fairly sure that you will find one if you are fairly flexible with regards to where you want to go. What's more is that many destinations themselves are fairly cheap too.

Many countries, especially those on the Mediterranean, have a fairly reliable climate with hot summers and warm springs and autumns. Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and Greece have long been some of the favourites, however, they are rarely particularly cheap desintations these days.

Some of the best places to go for relatively cheap sun holidays include the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria and Romania as well as the Mediterranean coast of the Balkan countries, especially Croatia and Montenegro. What's more is that a lot of these places haven't been completely overdeveloped yet, so there is plenty to see for the more adventurous.

The Internet is, as always, the best place to start looking for bargains. Holidayhypermarket.co.uk and mytravel.com are just some of many good places to start looking for bargains.

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