Cheap ski holidays in Bulgaria for 2013 2014

It’s skiing season soon and if you are planning your winter holidays there are a few places where you can go, relax and have fun. If you’re tired of going to the same places again, book cheap ski holidays in Bulgaria for 2013 2014. We scoured the net for some interesting deals for you.

Where to get the best offers

Bulgaria is not very well-known as a ski holiday resort, but if you want a change from the pricier slopes of France, Switzerland or Austria, the ski resorts in the country might just be what you need. The main attraction is of course, prices are lower compared to other ski resorts in Europe.

There is plenty of snow and ski stations are well equipped. In addition, those who want to learn to ski can do so at reasonable prices without paying a fortune. In short, Bulgarian slopes offer all sorts of thrills for both beginners and pros. There are also amazing culture tours if you get too bored at the slopes. Consider the following sites on the net to book holidays:

  • Thomas Cook (thomascook.com)

In addition to getting a variety of offers for practically lots of skiing destinations, Thomas Cook provides cheap ski holidays in Bulgaria for 2013 2014. Deals start from as low as £279 pp for a 7-night stay at a 3-star hotel in Borovets on half board basus. Borovets is approximately 1 hour ride away from Sofia airport. Enjoy the amenities of the skiing resort and the facilities of the hotel which include an in-house bar and nightclub. You can also pay a bit more and for £345 per person, stay at a 4-star resort Hotel Lion Borovets. It has spa facilities and an indoor pool. Total price for a 3-star hotel inclusive of return flights is £558 while for a 4-star hotel is £690.

  • Bulgaria Ski (bulgariaski.com)

The website offers amazing ski holiday in the best ski and mountain resorts of the country such as Bansko, Pamporovo, Chepalare, Vitosha and Borovets all great places for skiing and snow boarding. There are plenty of hotels and resorts to choose from inclusive of ski and snowboard packages, lift passes, and rental of equipment. Ski schools are also available at affordable prices.

Prepare for the new year

So yes, why not book cheap ski holidays in Bulgaria for 2013 2014? Try something different this year and have them all – excellent snow conditions, panoramic vistas, charming and rustic villages and maybe even a chance to learn to snowboard or ski at reasonable prices. It's a fabulous way to get your energy levels replenished to tackle the new year's challenges.

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