Cheap seaside cottages; a great alternative.

Cheap seaside cottages can be a great way to make a holiday from nothing. They are cheap, they are in great locations and when the sun comes out in the UK there is no better place to be. Everyone loves the British seaside.

So while there may be a lack of Spanish sun on the cards this year you can definitely make the best of what the UK has to offer with cheap seaside cottages.

So where do you look? What are the best cottages on offer? Well, all of these questions can be answered if you just hit up the 'Seaside Cottage' website. Here you will find everything you need to know and the best prices anywhere in the UK.

The is perfect website to figure out where you want to go and ensure that you get the cottage cheap. They have lots of great deals especially at this time of year.

One great feature is the 'Just for 3' button. If it is just you and your partner going on a trip just click the button and the website will make suggestions. For example a cottage on Widemouth Bay starts from only £245 for two. This is for a 7 night self catering cottage holiday on a prime UK seaside spot.

How about a place in Cardigan, Wales? For as little as £180 you can get an amazing place with a swimming pool and a stunning view of the seaside. This website is well worth checking out for all the great deals that are available especially for the summer.

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