Where to find cheap return flights to Toronto

If you are thinking of exploring the great white north of Canada on a holiday this year, then you are probably finding to your horror just how expensive flying in this great country can be! Unfortunately, there are no "low cost airlines" operating in Canada, meaning largely high ticket prices for flying. Thankfully, there are some cheap flights to be found, and in this blog we are going to show you where to find cheap return flights to Toronto.

Toronto Pearson International Airport is extremely well served from the UK with both British Airways and Air Canada flying there numerous times daily from Heathrow. Unfortunately both of these providers are by far the most expensive options. Your safest bet to get yourself to Canada for a decent price is to check out what Air Transat are offering currently on their UK site at www.airtransat.co.uk.

Air Transat offer discount daily flights to Toronto from London Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham, and Glasgow Airport, allowing you to hop across to Canada for an extremely reasonable rate. If you aren't getting any joy from Air Transat, then you do have another option for getting cheap flights to Toronto.

Website, Canadian Affair has been set up in the UK to enable passengers to find cheap rates on Canadian flights, and you can check them out at www.canadianaffair.com/. Canadian Affair offer flights from both Air Transat and Thomas Cook to Toronto, leading to huge savings for you. Thomas Cook fly daily from Gatwick and Manchester, giving you plenty of choice.

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