Bag yourself a bargain holiday with cheap return flights to Cyprus in July!

Cyprus has long been one of the most popular holiday destinations for sun seeking British tourists, which is no surprise given the stunning natural beauty of the country. With miles of gorgeous beaches on offer it presents one of the best choices for anyone in search of a relaxing summer break.

For those of you on a budget, flights from London to Paphos represent the best value for money, and you can save even more by following our guide to the best (and worst) days to book cheap return flights to Cyprus in July.

Depending on how long you want to stay, July represents excellent value, with outward flights starting at just £84, and the return leg available for as little as £81 per person.

The cheapest days to fly out from London are Sunday the 3rd, Thursday the 7th, and Sunday the 10th with each costing just £84 from London Gatwick to Paphos in Cyprus. Cheap alternatives to these dates include Friday the 1st (£100), Tuesday the 5th (£98), and Thursday the 14th (£90).

The days to avoid in July are Friday the 22nd (£246), Tuesday the 26th (£210), Friday the 29th (£200), Tuesday the 19th (£176) and both Saturday the 39th and Sunday the 31st (£159).

For your return leg, the cheapest options from Paphos to Gatwick are Thursday the 5th (£77), Tuesday the 26th (£81), Saturday the 30th (£81), Sunday the 24th (£84), Thursday the 21st (£86) Monday the 11th (£87), Monday the 18th (£87) and Monday the 25th (£89).

All prices quoted are correct at the time of writing, and are for one person, one way. We hope that this has helped you find cheap return flights to Cyprus!

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