Cheap rentals for Spain holidays in the Alpujarra

Finding cheap rentals in Spain is all about knowing the quiet seasons. The Alpujarra in Andalusia, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, is an ideal destination in the cooler months of spring or autumn. The range of rental properties keeps prices competitive, especially if you aren't too worried about access to a swimming pool.

Spain's idyllic mountain range

Within easy reach of Granada and Malaga, the Alpujarra has been a desirable destination for British holiday makers for several years, particularly after Chris Stewart popularised the region in his best-seller 'Driving Over Lemons'.

Many Britons followed his lead and bought properties here, making it one of the more promising regions for cheap rentals in Spain. There are some great deals to be found, especially in October or November. The ownersdirect.co.uk website is a useful starting point, where you deal with the property owners, thus avoiding agents' fees and extras.


Orgiva is one of the most popular towns in the Alpujarra, within easy reach of the walking trails but also blessed with a variety of shops and restaurants. For years, Orgiva has had an 'alternative feel', with craft shops, small galleries, pottery workshops and a lively market. It makes a great base for those who like to be within walking distance of amenities.


At the other end of the spectrum, Trevelez is the highest village in the Alpujarra, within striking distance of the serious peaks of the Sierra Nevada. It can be noticeably cool by October, and locals use the fresh mountain air to cure the delicious hams which are a speciality of the village.

Sea and city excursions

Walking is one of the obvious attractions of the Alpujarra, but if you manage to find cheap rentals, southern Spain is within easy reach. The beaches of the Costa Del Sol and Murcia are within an hour's drive, while Granada's fabulous Alhambra makes an unforgettable day trip from your mountain base.

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