Where to find the cheap rail tickets to York

Cheap rail tickets to York

Many people go to York for a variety of reasons. Whether its a day out exploring with the kids, a romantic weekend for two or a relaxing weeks holiday in this historical city, York has something for everyone. From the world's largest Maize maze to the cobbled streets full of shops this really is a multicultural place. The easiest and possibly the cheapest way to travel to the city is by train. Read on to find out more about cheap rail tickets to York.

It is perhaps the most costly option to travel to York from London but that doesn't mean it is overly expensive. Departing from Kings Cross for example almost every 30 minutes, the journey takes an average of two hours. Departing just before 5pm on Friday 30th September the train arrives into York at 6.40pm for example. For this journey with an open return ticket the price comes in at £105 per person.

Departing from any Manchester station the trip to York takes just under an hour and a half. For cheap rail tickets to York from Manchester, check out trainline.com. Departing on the same dates as above from Piccadilly station at 3.27pm, this open return fare costs as little as £25.70. This is an off-peak ticket meaning you can travel at any time during the quieter parts of the day.

And lastly is the cheapest option of the three. For cheap rail tickets to York the best departure city is from Leeds. Taking just under half an hour to get there it is the perfect excuse for a last minute weekend away. Departing from Leeds at 3.05pm on the 30th September again, the ticket costs just over £11 per person. At this price you will be running out of excuses not to go!

For prices like these take a look at trainline.com or for special offers on cheap rail tickets to York have a look on redspottedhanky.com.

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