Looking to find cheap rail tickets to Edinburgh?

Cheap rail tickets to Edinburgh

Thinking of taking in a trip to picturesque Edinburgh and wondering how to do it on a budget? As any regular rail traveller will tell you, it can be an expensive undertaking to go anywhere in the UK by rail, but that hasn't put us off trying to sniff out a few bargains! Keep reading as we try to find you cheap rail tickets to Edinburgh.

In a strange to fathom move, the cost of rail journeys are continuing to rise in the UK, while all other forms of transport continue to drop. Despite the rising prices, we have found a site that offers some value on the Edinburgh route, and that site is the East Coast Trains site at http://www.eastcoast.co.uk/. If you live on England's east coast, then this is the rail company for you as they offer a return trip to Edinburgh from London for less than £100, which is an absolute bargain in rail terms.

Another site that is fantastic for tapping up bargains is the Cross Country Trains site at http://www.crosscountrytrains.co.uk/Special_offers/Places/Edinburgh.aspx. Cross Country pull in quotes from lots of different rail operators in an effort to get you the best deal, and on our search, they pulled in several different quotes under the magical £100 barrier, so they are extremely well worth a look.

A final suggestion we have for you on your pursuit of a bargain on the Edinburgh route is Rail Easy and their comprehensive Edinburgh section at http://www.raileasy.co.uk/go/journey/cheap-train-tickets-to-edinburgh. This site lays out the price it will cost you from every station in the country on an easy to use grid. It is well worth a look!

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