More About Cheap Private Caravan Hire

Stay away from huge commercial operators and opt for cheap private caravan to hire for a much better price. Look for last minute cancellation deals on villas, to get that luxury style holiday at half the cost. A little bit of effort and consideration before you go can mean that you save your pennies for spending while you’re there and have an even better stay.

Cheap Caravans

Caravans have become rather fashionable again at present, so there are loads of private owners out there, looking to rent out their vans. You can get much better deals renting from private owners than big name holiday parks, such as Butlins or Pontins. Private owners often offer more flexible availability and prices may be open to negotiation.

Value Villas

Sites like, OwnersDirect.co.uk lists hundreds of great villa holidays that have been posted directly by the owner. This means that prices are often much cheaper because there’s no need for agent commissions to be added on, and the rates are normally set according to the size of the entire property, rather than the number of rooms or people it can accommodate. Holiday villa cancellations can also be found by renting directly from the owner and this means that you could get even further reductions.

Added Bonus

Renting directly from the private owners of caravans or villas has other advantages too. They often offer a much more personal and flexible service, letting you better tailor your holiday to your own individual needs. Furthermore, they can also provide “an insider’s” knowledge about the area, attractions and activities available in the locality.

Don’t splurge before you get there. Look for deals on cheap private caravan to hire and privately owned villas, so you can live like a king once you’ve arrived.

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