Looking for cheap Prague breaks this summer?

With its mixture of cultural attractions and vibrant nightlife, Prague has long been one of Europe's most popular cities to visit for travelers of all ages.

Cheap Prague breaks have something to offer for everyone. From romantic getaways to all-out stag parties, the historic capital has something to offer everyone and yet still remains one of the most affordable short trip destinations for British holiday makers.

Cheap Prague breaks have become a little harder to sniff out since Ryanair terminated their services to the city in October 2010, but great packages can still be found with a bit of extra digging.

EasyJet continues to offer discount flights that start at just £24.99 each way and even in peak summer months can be picked up for under £60.

As with all major tourist destinations it is easy to spend a lot of money very quickly in Prague, but with a little care you can enjoy everything there is to offer on a very reasonable budget.

The public transport system is both low-priced and easy to navigate and few other destinations in its category can compare for the price of a cold beer.

Nearly all of the holiday package sites offer trips to Prague, with a 4 day, 3 night trip starting at around £250 for flights and a city centre hotel.

For risk takers, Travelocity is offering a long-weekend break at a mystery five-star hotel for as low as £255.22 per person throughout June.

So for a very reasonable price you could be kicking-off your summer by taking a stroll around the historic Prague Old Town, before sitting down for a Czech lager overlooking the stunning Charles Bridge.

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