Where to find cheap places to stay in France

Cheap places to stay in France

There are a number of websites which list cheap places to stay in France, and one such site is cheaphotelsfrance.net. This site has a basic search function, allowing you to find hotels based on location and the dates that you want to stay there from and to. Once you've done that you are presented with a list of hotels sorted from cheapest to most expensive, and as you can imagine from the name of the site none of them are particularly pricey. Their star rating is also listed, and although you're unlikely to come across many four or five star hotels there are a lot of three star places on offer.

Once you select a hotel the site gives you a lot of information on it, including facilities, cancellation policy and both interior and exterior photographs.

Another website worth checking out is laterooms.com, the concept of the site being to offer customers discounted rooms that would otherwise go empty. Often this means booking at the last minute, but for certain dates and hotels you can book up to twelve months in advance. You'll receive savings of up to 50% off the standard price, and they have hotels all over the world. Additionally they have extra special offers from time to time, giving even bigger discounts, as well as a 'secret rooms' scheme in which customers are able to book four or five star hotels at enormously discounted prices, the catch being that the specific hotel you'll be staying at isn't revealed until after you book.

Laterooms.com should probably be your first stop when looking for cheap hotels in France, but if nothing they offer catches your eye then you should be able to find an appealing deal at cheaphotelsfrance.net.

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